Engine Oils
  Engine Oils are Blended from Oils having High Viscosity Index . Proper Additives are added to give High Detergency Level and Excellent Oxidation Stability . These Oils meet various levels of API SC/CC, MIL-L-2104B, IS:E-PL1/E-DL1 OF BIS- 13656-1993 specifications.  
  MONO GRADES : 30 , 40 , 50  
  These Oils are recommended for Naturally Aspirated Diesel Engines operating under Severe Duty Conditions, Supercharged Diesel Engines and for Power Generation Sets operating on H.S.D or L.D.O.  
  MULTI GRADES  : 10W, 20W, 5W30, 10W30, 20W40, 20W50  
  These Oils are also recommended for Super Charged and Turbo Charged Diesel Engines and High Powered Petrol Engines .  
  PREMIUM OILS  : 15W40  
  Premium Oils are recommended for Turbo Charged Diesel Engines of Heavy Duty Earth Moving Equipments and also in Caterpillar Transmission Systems and Power Generation Sets.  
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