White Mineral Oil
  White Mineral Oil is a Highly Purified Mixture of Liquid Saturated Hydro-Carbons, obtained from Petroleum and is Highly Paraffinic in nature. It is Transparent, Colourless, Tasteless & Odourless when cold. These highly refined hydro-treated oils have excellent Thermal & Chemical Stability having high flash point.  
  GRADE: 10, 12, 22, 32  
  This Oil can be used in the manufacture of Bulk Drugs, Cosmetics, Textile Auxiliaries, Plant Spray Oils, Agrochemicals, Aerosols, Insecticide Oils, Leather Process Oils, Dyes & Dye Intermediates, Instrument Oils, Polishes, Paper Chemicals, Inks, Perfumery, Agarbatties, Specialty Lubricants, Master-batches, Plastics - used as a Lubricant Plasticizer, Extender, Softener during Processing of Plastics, Mould release agents etc.  
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