Rust Preventives
  Rust Preventive Ois are Lubricating Oils containing Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors and are applied by Dipping, Spraying or Circulating. These oils serve as Lubricants as well as Temporary Protectors.  
  De-Watering Type Oils are blended from Lubricating Oil Base Stocks containing Film Forming Agents, Rust Inhibitors, Water Displacing Additives, Corrosion Inhibitors etc. which prevent Metal Rusting and Corrosion during Storage and Transportation.  
  Dewatering Fluids contain Oil Soluble Surface Active Agents, Rust Inhibitors and Water Displacing Additives in Solvent and Film Forming materials. On application the Solvent Evaporates leaving a thin / soft wax / film, thus protecting the Metal Surface from Corrosion. This Oil can be applied by Dip or Spray Method. The film formed over the Metal Surface can be easily removed with the help of suitable solvent.  
  Oil Type Rust Preventive Compounds are Rust Preventive Oils containing Surface Active Agents, Rust Inhibitors and Film Forming Material. These Oils provide protection under Indoor Exposure by forming an Oily Film over Metal Surface and can be applied  by Hot Dip at 80° C to 90° C by Dipping or Spraying at High Temperature. On application a Amber or Waxy Brown Film is formed. These Oils have property to neutralize finger-prints and Water Displacement. This film can be easily removed by using Solvents.  
  Wax Type and Hard Film Type Rust Preventives are fluids which contain Solvents and when applied on Metal Surface they form a film on the Surface of the Machined Component protecting it from Corrosion and Rust. These Oils have Water Displacing Properties.  
  Peelable Type Rust Oil is a Hot Dipping Type Strippable Rust Preventive. It is applied by Dipping Components in Hot Molten Rust Preventive Compound @ 180 - 190 °C.. It forms a Transaparent Film over the Components.  
  DEFENCE  SOLUTIONS : Specifications will be available on request.  
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