Rubber Process Oil
  Rubber Process Oils are blended from selected Base Stocks to improve the Processability of Natural Rubber. They facilitate Mixing Operations, Reduce Compounding Time, Improve Processibility, Reduce Power Consumption and also the Cost of Finished Product.  
  GRADES :  Rubber 20, Rubber 24 (Naphthanic)  
  These Oils are used in the Processing of Rubber for Manufacture of Products such as Tyres, Tubes, Battery Cases, Foot Wear, Mats, Hoses etc  
  GRADES : Rubber 32, Rubber 68 (Paraffinic)  
  These Oils are are recommended as Ingredients for the Manufactureof Various Rubber Products, mostly preffered by Automotive T ube Manufacturing Units.  
  GRADES : Rubber Extender Oil (Aromatic)  
  These Oils are used in the Manufacture of Automobile Tyres, Thread Rubber and other Dark Coloured Rubber Goods.  
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