Mould Oil
  Mould Oils are blended from Selected Base Oils and Additives. These Oils are specially formulated with Low Viscosity Lube Base Stocks and Solvents for giving Smooth Surface Finish to the Product and Preserve Metallic Moulds against Corrosion. This grade facilitates ease of application and distribution on the Mould Surface providing easy release of Cured Concrete Mass from Moulds with out staining the surface.These Oils provide Excellent Instant Demoulding Performance with Good Surface Finish to the Moulded Products.   
  GRADE : Concrete Mould Oil  
  This Oil is recommended for use in Mould for Production of Concrete Pipes, Sleepers, Spun Pipes, Asbestos Sheets and in any type of Construction Activity.  
  GRADE : Glass Mould Oil  
  These Oils are recommended for Moulding of Glass Wares, Glass Bottles etc and in Glass Processing Industries.  
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